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This programme is open to all Psycho-Oncology early career professionals within ten years of their highest degree. All professionals such as postgraduate or PhD students, clinicians or postdocs are welcome to take part.

These events are made possible and are available for free through the support of the conference organizers and IPOS. While it is not a requirement to be an IPOS member for participation, we would like to encourage all participants to become an IPOS member. IPOS provides a reduced 25$ fee for ECPPs within three years of their highest degree as well as members-in-training - Apply here.

If you are interested in updates and information about the conference and other activities of the IPOS ECPP committee, we encourage you to join our email-list by sending an email.

Pre-conference Workshop on Research Grant Development and Annual ECPP Sig Meeting

The IPOS Early Career Psycho-Oncology Professionals (ECPP) committee and the Research committee are organising a pre-conference workshop. The goal of the workshop is to foster ECPPs in the development of research grants of clinical relevance and importance in Psycho-Oncology. The aim is to provide a supportive environment for gaining advice on developing grants in the field.

The first part of the workshop (pre-recording) will feature a discussion panel, where Dr Joanne Shaw and Prof Nick Hulbert-Williams, two senior Psycho-Oncology researchers, are asked questions about their experience writing and submitting grants. They will be asked about the good, the bad, and the ugly, of their grants journey; with the overall aim of sharing their learnings from over the years. A key focus will be discussing different ways of obtaining research funding, and reflecting on the different pathways and experiences of the senior researchers to achieving research funding (as well as ‘pivoting’ and developing/reshaping ideas when funding applications were not successful!).

The second part of the workshop (live) will invite ECPPS to participate in an informal peer-support discussion, where they can share experiences and concerns relating to developing grant applications and building programs of research as an ECPP. Through support from the ECPP Committee, we will share strategic advice with one another. ECPPs with a current grant idea will be encouraged to bring these to the discussion, to discuss experiences, challenges, opportunities in getting the idea off the ground with research funding.

Following the workshop, we will hold our annual ECPP Sig meeting. This will be the opportunity for ECPPs to share areas within which they would like support from IPOS and inform SIG priorities and events for the coming year.

Any ECPP who has finished (or will soon finish) their final qualification who has registered for the IPOS conference is eligible for both the workshop and SIG meeting. 

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