2. がん患者の行動活性化療法
  Behavioral Activation for Cancer Patients
by Shin-ichi Suzuki
Contents of 3hours 2h prerecorded lecture
1h Live discussion


Workshop chair: Shin-ichi Suzuki, PhD is a professor of clinical psychology at Waseda university in Japan. His specialty is cognitive behavior therapy and medical psychology in general hospital. He is a board member of the Japan Psycho‐Oncology Society (JPOS). Co-chairs: Takatoshi Hirayama (psychiatrist at the National Cancer Center Hospital), Yuko Ogawa (clinical psychologist at the National Cancer Center Hospital).

Target 心理師、看護師、医師、およびがん医療で働くその他専門職
Psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other professionals working in cancer care


1.To understand the basic theory of behavioral activation (BA) and cognitive behavior therapy
2. To understand the outline BA program for cancer patients
3. To learn basic skills for implementing a BA program



Behavioral Activation (BA) therapy developed by Martell et al. (2001) is based on cognitive behavior therapy and applied behavioral analysis, and focuses on the context of interaction between people and environmental factors. In the previous study, effectiveness of the treatment for improving depression and depressive mood was identified (Ekers et al., 2014). BA is conducted by helping and encouraging clients to be active and engage in behaviors that may bring them in contact with potentially positive experiences rather than focus on negative thinking (Martell, 2013). It has been suggested that BA programs may improve psychological outcomes and quality of life among depressed cancer patients (Hopko et al., 2011). In this workshop, we will explain the basic theory of BA and the outline of a BA program for cancer patients, presenting the outcome data of our clinical research project incorporating this program. We hope that participants of this workshop will be able to acquire the basic skills for implementing a BA program for cancer care. NOTE: This workshop will be conducted in Japanese

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