Early Bird is opening now!
Payment after the due date will be strictly declined. Please sign up again with a proper rate.
(Payment at Early Bird rate will not be valid after Feb 24, 2021, 9:00am (JST).
Note: Late Bird will start from Feb 24, 12:00pm (JST).
Gala Dinner has been cancelled for considering COVID-19 concerns. This fee will be fully refundable from June 9th.

Registration Fee

Payment is only by credit card in JPY. USD is only for your reference. Please see “Payment” on the bottom of this page.
  IPOS or JPOS Members Non-Members Students/Post Doc/ Post Grad/ PIAs *II Congress Days

Full Congress "early bird"
By Feb 24, 9:00am (JST), 2021

70,000 JPY
85,000 JPY
49,000 JPY
May 27th-29th

Full Congress "late bird"
Feb 24, 12:00pm (JST) – April 28, 11:59pm (JST), 2021

85,000 JPY
98,000 JPY
60,000 JPY
May 27th-29th

Full Congress "on site"

95,000 JPY
110,000 JPY
70,000 JPY
May 27th-29th

Full Congress LMIC
(Low and Middle Income Country) *I

50,000 JPY
65,000 JPY
37,000 JPY
May 27th-29th
One Day Congress "on site" 32,000 JPY
42,000 JPY
23,000 JPY
May 27th-29th
Academy Workshop (1 day) 30,000 JPY
40,000 JPY
26,000 JPY
May 26th
Academy Workshop (1 day)
(Low and Middle Income Country) *I
26,000 JPY (236USD)  May 26th
Academy Workshop (1/2 day) 15,000 JPY
20,000 JPY
13,000 JPY
May 26th
Academy Workshop (1/2 day)
(Low and Middle Income Country) *I
13,000 JPY (118USD)  May 26th
Gala Dinner *III Cancelled 11,000 JPY (100USD) TBC
*I. Please refer to the World Bank website here.
*II. *Students/Post Doc/ Post Grad/ PIAs must submit scanned ID to verify a status from the registration form.
*III. If Gala Dinner is not taken place, Gala Dinner fee will be refundable.

Important Notice

  1. Registration is subject to acceptance on a first come, first served basis. If you’d like to change your status (Non-member to Member, etc.), please contact the secretariat.
  2. Registration can only be processed with full payment. Payment after the due date will be strictly declined. Please sign up again with a proper rate. (Payment with Early Bird rate will not be valid after Feb 24, 9:00am (JST).
  3. Written confirmation will be sent via email and full payment will make QR code available in the payment receipt in the logged-in page. Please see “Name Budge, Optional Tickets and Participation Certificate” below.
  4. Refund for cancellation of registration will be made and subject to the following deadline and administration charge. Substitution will be permitted when written notice is received from the person to be replaced till the following deadline. All cancellations and substitution must be made in writing to the IPOS 2021 Congress Secretariat. Please see “Cancelation and Substitution” below.
  5. For those who registered at IPOS or JPOS member rate, the organizer reserves right to charge the difference of member and non-member rate if the registered participant is not on the membership list. Member rate will not be opened if membership renewal was made after April 7, 2021.
    Activate your IPOS membership before registering if wanting the IPOS member rate. To become a member, please go to
  6. The program is subject to change without prior notice. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the congress, the only liability of the Organizer is to refund the registration fee.

There are required:
-To check temperature everyday during the congress
-To check in advance First aid room (1st basement) on the map where to go when you feel sick
Venue Map:
-To self-restrain when having subjective symptoms of COVID-19
WHO’s website:

If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or above that has continued for 4 or more days or Extreme fatigue (physical weariness) and difficulty breathing (labored breath), please do not go directly to a medical facility and contact the dedicated consultation service first. ※Elderly people or those with previously underlying conditions should consult when they have had the above symptoms for 2 or more days.
Kyoto Prefecture Website:
・Telephone number: 075-414-4726 *24/7 support
<Supported languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese>
※Vietnamese support is only available from 8:00 - 22:00
(Furthermore, this consultation service is also accepting general inquiries regarding the novel coronavirus.)

If you are staying in other prefecture such as Osaka, please make sure the information they are giving on their website in advance.

Note: There are always recommendations to wash your hands or to use a hand-sanitizer frequently and to wear a face mask. We will be preparing face masks and hand-sanitizer sprays. However, please prepare for yourself as possible as you can since we do not have enough for all participants.
Please refer to recommended protective measures by WHO:

Refunding a fee for cancellation caused by physical condition can not be admitted.

Name Budge, Optional Tickets and Participation Certificate

After full payment confirmed, a registrant will receive a completion of payment notice via email. Please note that participants will need QR code for their name budge at the reception desk. Please take the QR code with you on your phone or printed paper. The payment receipt and Academy Workshops and Gala Dinner tickets also will be handed at the reception.

For those who attended the entire conference, the delegates will be emailed a link to an online conference evaluation. In the evaluation, you can select an option to receive a participation certificate in PDF format. Only those who complete the evaluation will be able to request a participation certificate.

*Please do not lose your ID and Password. You may be going to need them at the reception.
*You can print out the QR code as many as you need until the last day of the congress. However, modification is available until the last day of the registration.
*We DO NOT mail Name budge, Optional tickets, or Participation Certificate in advance.
*If you do not receive a completion of payment notice, please check a junk box. If it’s unfindable, please check the email server to activate to receive from and please contact the IPOS 2021 Congress Secretariat.

Cancelation and Substitution

For cancellations received on or before April 5th, 2021, a full refund is available minus 5000 JPY administration fee. No cancellations will be accepted on or after April 5th, 2021. Substitutions will be permitted if the IPOS 2021 Secretariat is notified on or before May 10th, 2021. All cancellations or substitutions must be in writing and sent to


Payment can ONLY be made by credit cards in JAPANESE YEN following:
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