IPOS 2021 Video Streaming (Available by August 31)

All confirmed 2021 Congress registrants are being asked follow the steps noted below to access the entire Congress.

1. To Attend the Congress

  • Please go to the registration page below and sign-up for the congress. Your ID and password from the registration form will be required when logging in to streaming website to view recorded and live sessions. Please confirm your ID and Password in advance.

a. Forgot your password?

Click "Forgot your password" on the login screen here and enter your registered email address. Your password will then be sent to that email account.

b. Forgot your registration number?

  • The following items will be sent to your registered email address upon confirmation of your registration and payment. The registration number will be included in the email.
    • [IPOS 2021] Registration Completion of Registration
    • [IPOS 2021] Thank you for the payment for your registration fee
  • Please check your spam folder if you have not received an email.
  • In the case that the email does not appear in your spam folder, please email and provide your name and affiliation. If your information matches our records, we will resend your registration number. Please be aware that this process may take a few days to complete.

c. Not able login?

  • Please check that you have paid the registration fee.
  • Please make sure that there are no unnecessary spaces in the registration number and password.
  • If you are still unable to login for any other reason, please email with your name and affiliation.

2. How to View Abstracts & Session Videos

a. Supported browsers

  • Please use the latest version from one of these browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox.

b. Video viewing period

  • Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 7:00 p.m. - Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 23:59 p.m. (JST)
  • Session videos can be viewed on the same website as the web abstracts.
  • Sessions on the streaming website are only whose completed submission of presenting file by April 20 AND registration by May 18. Sessions in the list on this website shows all accepted sessions without withdrawal including presenters that have unsubmitted files and uncompleted registration.

c. Notes on watching the video

  • Please refrain from recording videos, taking screen shots, or posting them on social networking sites.
  • Only those who have registered and paid will have the right to view the videos.
  • Multiple viewers are not allowed on a single account.

3. How to view the live stream

  • To log in, use your ID and password from your registration. Only those who have completed their registration (as note above) can log in.
  • To join the workshop ,If you can not find link butten Please log out once and log in, again

Live Streaming Date and Time

Academy Workshop LIVE Schedule
5/26/2021 (Wednesday) 1st half at 7:00pm~8:30pm (JST)
2nd half at 9:00pm~10:30pm (JST)
Program: https://ipos2020.com/ipos2021/doc/ws_sdl0204.pdf
Academy Workshops are available to view by only those that paid for them. Workshop participants have already been sent a special ID and password to view the recorded lecture they registered for. Details were sent from on May 12th. Please watch the recorded lecture first, then attend the live Q&A sessions on May 26th. Please inform the congress secretariat if you have not received the announcement for the recorded lecture.
IPOS 2021 Congress LIVE Stream
5/27/2021 (Thursday) 5:20pm~10:30pm(JST)
5/28/2021 (Friday) 5:20pm~10:30pm(JST)
5/29/2021 (Saturday) 5:20pm~10:15pm(JST)
Program: https://ipos2020.com/ipos2021/doc/Live_Streaming_Program.pdf

4. Regarding questions

  • Questions will be accepted during the LIVE sessions of the Plenary, IPOS Symposium, and the Live Q&A.
  • Questions must pertain to the subject matter being discussed. Any other subject matter will not be accepted as per the IPOS2021 congress secretariat regulations.
  • Feel free to contact the presenters directly after each session if you have further questions about the discussion topic.
  • The contact information for each presenter will be provided during the presentations. Please understand that not all questions will be accepted. All attempts to answer questions put forth all will be made.

5. Notes on the questions

  • All LIVE Q&A will be recorded and distributed at a later date.
  • Please refrain from asking personal questions.
  • Please note that we may not be able to answer your questions.
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